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Common Home Improvement Questions

Ask the Experts

Find answers to common questions about home improvement from Western Products.

Why can’t I get a price over the phone?
No matter what your project is, we want to ensure all of your needs are taken into account from the beginning. Since there are many details that go into planning a home improvement project, those details, in turn, affect pricing. Therefore, it is necessary for a Western Products Home Improvement Specialist to assess your home before providing you an estimate on how much your project will cost. When our Home Improvement Specialists sees your home first hand, we can more accurately provide you with an estimate.

To help you better understand what our trained professionals are assessing during your consultation, we have listed the main evaluations below for our most common projects, windows, siding or roofing. Western Products offers an array of remodeling services, so if you would like to know more please let us know.

Window Replacement Assessment

  • Current window style
  • Desired window style
  • Siding on the structure
  • Ease of access
  • Framing re-sizing needs
  • Stain or paint choices
  • Pre-existing issues

Siding Assessment

  • Structure height
  • Existing siding
  • New material choice
  • Structure complexity
  • Pre-existing issues
  • Soffit and fascia condition
  • Rain-carrying system
  • Ease of access

Roof Assessment

  • Roof pitch
  • New material choice
  • Pre-existing structural issues (we will discuss with you any issues we may find)
  • Ease of access
  • Structure complexity

Western Products is committed to helping you through any home improvement project you may have. Our dedication to the highest quality of service makes certain we meet and exceed you needs. Get a free quote by simply filling out our convenient online request form.

What is the “cost versus value” for home improvement projects?
Every year there is a fluctuation in both the cost and value for different home improvement projects. As a result, return on investment is never a fixed amount.  We at Western Products work with our homeowners to ensure that they fully understand the “cost versus value” on their project.  While it is not possible to give an exact value, rest assured that we will help you choose products and styles that will benefit the aesthetics of your home while maximizing your return on investment.

For instance, a great home exterior investment for this year is updating home exteriors with manufactured stone veneer. Stone veneer, especially from our Versetta Stone®collection are extremely durable and have great resistance against corrosion, wind and fire.  It is estimated that nearly 97% of the cost of stone veneer is recouped on average nationally, according to the 2018 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value report. Combine that with new siding and/or windows, and your home’s new exterior will likely be the envy of the neighborhood and also a wise investment.

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