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Common Gutter Questions

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FAQ: Find Answers to our Most Common Gutter Questions from Western Products!

When it comes to gutter installation, it’s not uncommon to have many questions. After all, unless you’re climbing to the top of a ladder, it’s pretty hard to monitor the function. Typically, Midwestern homeowners want to know maintenance tips. Some tips might be how to avoid clogs and ice dams, and maybe even how to redirect water flow. Gutters may seem like a small aspect of your home’s exterior. But, they play a pivotal role in protecting it.

How do seamless gutters compare to traditional gutters?

People have questions when it comes to seamless versus traditional gutter systems. One of the biggest advantages of seamless gutters is that professional installers measure and cut them on-site. This means you will have an ultra-strong, continuous system. In addition, the installers will cut them precisely to your home, with far fewer joints. What’s more, our seamless components use only corrosion-resistant parts, materials, and finishes. So, your gutters will be virtually maintenance-free!

In comparison, traditional gutters come in pre-cut segments. Installers have to piece these together across the length of your home. While this type of gutter may be cost-efficient at first, the patchwork installation often results in multiple weak points and leaks. Unfortunately, this can lead to expensive repairs. This is due to the deterioration of landscaping, foundation walls, and rotting wood.

How do gutter protection systems work?

Gutter protection systems allow water to flow into the gutter trough while effectively deflecting wind-blown debris. To be more specific, liquid adhesion and gravity draw the water into the gutter. They do this while shedding clog-prone debris such as leaves, pine cones, and also twigs. Western Products has various systems to offer, including Leafaway, E-Z Flow, and Gutter Gekko.

What is Leafaway Gutter Protection?

This is one of our most popular gutter questions! Leafaway is an innovative rain carrying system that essentially stops debris from entering and clogging gutters. Designers made it a seamless, one-piece gutter protection system. Additionally, it has an exclusive patent-pending pooling feature that prevents overflow.

This system allows water to flow into the gutter trough while effectively deflecting wind-blown debris. To be more specific, liquid adhesion and gravity draw the water into the gutter while shedding clog-prone debris such as leaves, pine cones, and twigs.

Will the Leafaway system affect my roof and/or shingles?

While this gutter question is a concern for many homeowners, the answer is always, no. Rest assured, your roof and shingles will be completely unaffected. We attach Leafaway’s system securely to your home’s fascia board. In fact, it’s the same size as a standard system, so it won’t change the overall look of your home. What’s more, Leafaway offers numerous color options. In this way, you can personalize your system to fit the style of your home perfectly.

How can I install my own gutter system?

We don’t ever advise homeowners to install their own gutter system, and for good reason. Not only is it dangerous, but, it can also wreak havoc on your exterior and landscaping. If someone improperly installs your gutters, they may even cause major problems with your foundation. To ensure each part of the system works as intended, we require all of our systems to be professionally installed, on-site by a trained gutter installer.

What does the Superspout do?

The Superspout is a 3”x 3” gutter downspout that draws water away from your home’s foundation. It does so by effectively controlling its route. The spout swirls the water like a cyclone. In turn, the spout’s water cyclone allows debris in your gutters and downspouts to be easily removed. This technique greatly reduces clogging in the downspout and increases water flow for maximum control.

What is ice damming?

This is another gutter question that we get often, and we’re happy to explain. Ice damming happens when the heat from the house escapes through the roof and melts the snow on the roof. When the water runs down to the overhanging eaves, where there is no more heat, it freezes. The ice builds up, until, eventually, it creates a dam that holds the water back. In extreme circumstances, there is enough water that it works its way under the shingles. This can leak through the eaves, or worse, into the house!

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