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Common Kitchen Design & Installation Question

Ask the Experts Your Common Questions

Find answers to common questions about the kitchen design timeline and strategy from Western Products.


What are the steps to getting a custom kitchen quote? And, what is the timeline for ordering/installing?

A good first step is for you to visit our showroom at 474 45th Street S in Fargo. See available products in-person and visit with our team. After you have been in our showroom, we will visit your home, measure your space and also ask many more questions! As kitchen designers, it is important for us to personally come and look at your existing kitchen space if this is a remodel. This is because we need to see the physical space and how it relates to the floor plan of the house.

Also, we like to take visual cues from the home’s architecture and to see what other furnishings are in the space. After you have been in our showroom and have decided for us to come and measure your kitchen space, we will ask many more questions. If it is a new home in construction, we can work off the blueprints. Overall, from the first visit to entertaining in your new space takes approximately 3-4 months.

How long does it take to get an estimate after the existing kitchen has been measured?

Under normal circumstances, we will start designing the new kitchen within a day or two of our visit. We will then send the new design to be priced. Our quotes always include all the items for the interior accessories of the kitchen, including trims and moldings. We typically have the quote ready in 10 business days. We will include chosen cabinetry, countertops, decorative hardware, interior kitchen accessories, trims, moldings, installation and also sales tax. Then, we will set up another meeting to review the quote and design. Finally, we can make design changes and a new quote and design proof fairly quickly.

Do you have a CAD program to help me visualize my new kitchen design?

Yes, our 20/20 CAD program is very helpful in visually relaying your new kitchen design. You can see the perspectives from every angle. Because of this, you can be comfortable that what you see in the CAD program will be directly translated to the beautiful new kitchen soon to be in your home!



How do I get the order started for my new kitchen?

Once you give us your appliance information and make all the design decisions (selections of wood, paint, stain, hardware, countertop, door style, accessories, etc.), then you are ready to order! We will have you sign a contract along with a quote approval. Once you have made the 50% down payment, we will begin ordering the materials for your new kitchen.

How long does it take to order cabinets and install them?

Usually, Crystal Cabinetry takes around eight weeks to manufacture after an order has been placed. They deliver the cabinets right to your door in their own trucks. Our carpenter meets the Crystal truck and unloads your cabinets. If your kitchen is ready, installation will begin right away. A typical cabinetry installation takes four days, however. On the fourth day, we will have a countertop technician out to make a template for the countertops. Finally, depending upon the material selected for the countertops, it usually takes one to three weeks for the new tops to be ready for installation.

Who installs your cabinetry?

Western Products has a professional installation team. We have worked with our carpenter for almost 20 years and find he is KEY in having your kitchen turn out beautifully! He is very detailed oriented and always does an incredible job.


Company Common Questions

Why did you choose to sell Crystal Cabinetry as your exclusive line at Western Products?

Western Products is a family-owned business, and we were excited to learn that Crystal Cabinetry is also a family-owned company! It is known for its fine furniture quality finish and lifetime warranty. Crystal Cabinetry is “full custom” and builds both framed and frameless construction. As a design team, we wanted to work with a cabinet product that could create whatever we drew on paper. Their product always ships when they say, arrives in excellent condition and is also exactly what we customer ordered for you. In addition, Crystal Cabinetry is a Midwest company and American made. They have been in business for over 65 years and are the best value for the dollar!

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