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Shake Accent Siding

TruCedar by Quality Edge

The beauty of natural wood with none of the work

Having natural cedar shakes as an accent for your home adds a rich texture and beauty unmatched by any other siding style. Now, you can enjoy this classic look with increased durability and virtually no maintenance, thanks to our selection of cedar-textured vinyl shake siding.

We offer cedar-styled shakes from four industry-leading manufacturers so that you can find the perfect shake to fit your home’s needs. Each comes with its own unique design and durability benefits, but no matter what vinyl shake you choose, one thing is certain: Our cedar-textured shakes will give your home an artisan flair and unrivaled protection for years to come.

CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Accents

Want that ‘little something extra’ to stand out on your block? Need a ‘pop’ to your home’s exterior, but don’t know where to start? Look no further! CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Accents by Western Products is just what you’ve been looking for.

Standout Design — Exceptional Performance

As America’s #1 brand of vinyl siding in the industry, these shake accents are certain to add beautiful design and superior performance to your home. With a Lifetime Limited Warranty, CertainTeed Vinyl is durable, fire resistant and adds exceptional value to your home. The possibilities are endless when you incorporate our shakes to compliment your existing siding, stone and roofing. Have an idea in mind? Looking for some inspiration? We are here to help.

Beauty of Natural Cedar — None of the Work

When you choose CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Accents by Western Products, you open a wide world of color and style options to express your personal design. Combine that with the industry-leading quality and low-maintenance performance, and you can rest assured that your family will enjoy the beautiful sanctuary you have created for years to come.

TruCedar® Shake Sidewall

TruCedar Shake Sidewall

Quality Edge’s TruCedar metal shake sidewall has all the style benefits of traditional wooden shakes with none of the durability downsides. Some features of these shakes include tighter seams for weather resistance, SunMast50™ paint finish for preventing fading and a lifetime warranty. And of course, TruCedar recreates the look of authentic cedar shakes so you can achieve the ultimate rustic aesthetic.

TruCedar Cedar Shake Sidewall
TruCedar Timber Ash Shake Sidewall
Timber Ash
TruCedar Weathered Wood Shake Sidewall
Weathered Wood

Variform Heritage Cedar®

Variform Heritage Cedar

For shake siding that stands up against hurricane-level winds, Variform’s Heritage Cedar is the obvious choice. Heritage Cedar is twice as thick as vinyl siding and will look fresh for years with very little maintenance. This shake is available in four different traditional shake shapes, all of which recreate the texture of wooden shakes with uncanny accuracy.

Foundry Split and Staggered Shakes

Foundry Split and Staggered Shakes

Foundry strives for authenticity with their tough vinyl shake siding. Their Split and Staggered Shakes hold their color over time thanks to their ASA cap for UV and climate shielding. But where Foundry shakes really shine is in their cedar texturing. Both their shake styles are cast from genuine cedar molds, which creates a realistic wood appearance with no man-made repetition. Choose Split Shakes for a proper farmhouse style or Staggered Shakes for a pastoral pioneer look.

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