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Most Common Seamless Steel Siding Questions

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United States Seamless & Western Products answer your seamless steel siding questions!

You can find the answers to our most common seamless steel siding questions here. But, don’t forget, our home improvement pros are happy to talk today to answer your personalized questions!

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Seamless steel siding from United States Seamless® offers endurance that exceeds the most stringent industry testing standards. Because of this, we can back it with a limited lifetime warranty against manufactured defects, hail, and fading. What’s more, our warranty may also be transferred by the original property owner to subsequent owners.

Does seamless steel siding rust?

No. United States Seamless® has a galvanized coating applied to both sides of a solid steel core. This is specifically designed for protection and durability. Because our corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel provides additional strength, you can rest assured your exterior will withstand the elements.

Can I install it myself or have my contractor install it?

United States Seamless steel siding is a custom product that has to be professionally measured. To fit the exact dimensions of your home, we must use our own state-of-the-art siding machine. Because of this, it’s imperative that we employ factory-trained installers at each job site to ensure precise installation.

Are you able to install siding in the winter?

Yes. United States Seamless steel siding is extremely weather-resistant, so it easily avoids brittleness in cold weather. Plus, we heat all of our trailers, which allows our installers to work comfortably all year long.

How long does siding installation take?

In general, the installation process on the average home takes about a week-and-a-half. However, timing may depend on the weather, size of the job, and level of detail.

What makes seamless steel siding better than other exterior options?

Our seamless steel siding is maintenance-free and offers the greatest life expectancy of all exterior options! We custom cut each piece on-site. This way, your home can be free of unsightly seams. United States Seamless® is guaranteed not to fade, chalk, or warp, so you’ll never have to hire for costly painting or staining again!

Will new siding improve the value of my home?

According to Remodeling magazine, on average, 100% or more of the original price will be recovered upon the sale of a home improved by seamless steel siding. The United States Seamless steel siding finish is also ENERGY STAR compliant and enhanced with NASA-developed Cool Paint Technology™. This technology uses infrared reflective pigments to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

How do I choose my home’s exterior design?

Based on your preferences, our Western Products’ specialist can help create an exterior that perfectly reflects your personal style. We have a vast selection of siding panel and profile choices that will transform your home’s exterior. Also, color options range from realistic wood grain patterns to deep vibrant colors and subtle earth tones. These color-perfect finishes make it easy to coordinate with our soffit, fascia, and rain carrying systems.

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