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Top 7 Exterior Home Styles of 2021

Western Products is ready to help you transform your home this year. See how you can achieve our top seven exterior home styles of 2021!
home exterior with tan siding, brown roofing, and stone accents

This year, we’re reviewing our most popular home styles, past and present. Whether you’ve been dreaming of an updated style, or have noticed your siding is deteriorating, now is the perfect time to plan your exterior remodel. At Western Products, we research cutting-edge exterior designs in our own Midwestern backyard, and across the nation. To help you define your new design, we’re sharing the top seven exterior home styles of 2021. And, we’ll tell you how we can help you achieve each style on nearly any home!

1. Mid-Century Modern

mid-century modern home with many windows and brown seamless steel siding

Mid-Century Modern may be the biggest interior design movement we’ve seen since Farmhouse, but it is just re-emerging as an exterior home style in 2021. Popularized in the mid-1940s into the 60s, this style is all about sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, and contrasting organic materials. Exteriors are reminiscent of Contemporary homes, but they’re often smaller rambler or bi-levels. These homes feature flat or gabled roofs, angular details, and expansive windows. Mid-mod design connects with nature organically through contrasting textures such as stone, wood, and a neutral color palette.

Create this Style!

To create this style, we suggest pairing colors and textures that can only be derived from nature. Ideally, one would choose a neutral palette for your siding, then materials such as concrete, redwood, or stone. Unfortunately, these materials in the raw can be expensive and often don’t bode well in extreme Midwestern weather. But, with advances in technology, Western Products can offer an array of beautiful solutions in durable, maintenance-free finishes. Our vertical and horizontal steel siding, metal roofing, Versetta stone siding, and Nichiha wood panels are built to outlast the elements. When you’re ready to start the transformation, our team is ready to create your Mid-Century Modern dream home!

2. Midwestern Coastal

midwestern coastal home exterior with a large deck, many windows, and white siding

In the Midwest, our version of Coastal design revolves less around ocean views and more around capturing summer’s essence year-round. Regardless of the region, we’re all inspired by a soothing palette that plays to the softer hues of water, sand, and sky. Coastal is often referred to as “beachy”, but those who know its true origination take a more “nautical” and timeless approach. If you’re looking for Coastal, focus on oversized windows and porches, painted wood doors, gables, lighter siding, and high-contrast, sconce-style lighting. With updated siding and a few cosmetic tweaks, you can be on vacation (at home) in no time!

Create this Style!

We may not have to fight the deterioration that comes with salty air, but our Coastal designs fight the extreme weather transitions of the Upper Midwest. At Western Products, you can get coveted beach home vibes without sacrificing durability. To create the look, try adding eave trusses, then choose a light and bright mix of seamless steel vertical and horizontal siding in wider planks or a board and batten design. Add wood accents near entries, patios, or porches with Nichiha fiber cement siding for the look of authentic wood, without the maintenance. Once your exterior is complete, consider adding a custom-painted door by ProVia. As the finishing touch to your Midwestern Coastal, make sure to install nautical or industrial-style sconce lighting over garage and entry doors.

3. Transitional Tudor

transitional tudor home with stone and seamless steel siding, and windows with colonial grilles

Each year, transitional architectural styles are gaining more credence in the home market. In other words, home exteriors that combine historic, or in this case, Medieval English aesthetics with modern elements will dominate the neighborhood. Transitional Tudor homes are an excellent example of this emerging style, fusing traditional pitched roofs and trim with large, narrow windows and smooth siding finishes. Altogether, these features link past with present to create something extraordinary!

Create this Style!

Start your Transitional Tudor with Western Products’ stone-coated metal shakes and shingles to add value and durability. With color profiles like Windsor, Barclay, and English Suede, you can fully capture the essence of authentic Tudor design. If you’re wondering how to create that signature finish, look no further than Western Products. Our Nichiha fiber cement siding can create a fully smooth or stucco style finish as you prefer. What’s more, Nichiha is made with three protective coatings that ensure it holds paint better and lasts longer than competitive sidings.

4. Modern Cottage

modern cottage home with light siding and many small windows with colonial grilles

While cottages of the past bring to mind whimsical storybook settings, today’s Modern Cottage is a brighter take on living small. Modern Cottage is a cozy fusion of lighter, natural textures, clean modern lines, and a neutral color palette to help maximize space. Just as the interior has lightened up, so has the exterior. In 2021, people are transforming their Modern Cottage homes with rustic wood shakes, stone, and earth tones, but the materials are far more advanced. Updated cottages can achieve authentic rustic textures in a maintenance-free product that is no longer susceptible to the darkening that age and harsh weather bring. The end result is a thoughtful design with creative, long-lasting character.

Create this Style!

Want to give your home a Modern Cottage update? Western Products has three main siding and roofing types that can get you started down the right path. The first is our vinyl shake siding, which offers the beauty of natural wood with the durability of vinyl. Let your creativity soar with realistic cedar, timber ash, and weathered wood vinyl shakes in dozens of colors. Once you’ve chosen shakes, your next step is to highlight specific areas to accent and define using Versetta Stone siding. To finish your Modern Cottage, we recommend a stone-coated metal roof shake. Modern log cabins and quaint vacation homes often feature this exceedingly popular and durable option. If you want to take your cottage design even further, try adding arched doorway details or a stucco Nichiha finish.

5. Contemporary

contemporary home exterior with various siding profiles: gray, white, stone, and wood-style panels

Contemporary homes have an artistically driven style that is often defined by a clean, seamless exterior with both horizontal and vertical lines. These exteriors are reminiscent of abstract art, including geometric-inspired sharp angles, varying rooflines, and a bold curbside presence. Contemporary homes tempt the eye with intriguing Versetta stone textures and high-contrast, smooth finishes such as Nichiha Fiber Cement panels. Designed for the most impactful exterior, their palettes are anything but ordinary.

Create this Style!

Replicating this dramatic look is simple when you have Western Products’ collection of Nichiha Fiber Cement panels and Versetta Stone to choose from. Take a cue from other Contemporary buildings, and use Versetta as a textural element in your geometric accents such as pillars or specific wall sections. To finish your work of art, define and accentuate with panels in hues of cool gray, white, and contrasting deep hues. Nichiha’s Fiber Cement architectural panels are not only beautiful, they’re also moisture, fire, wind, and temperature-resistant!

6. Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse home with white and deep blue/grey siding

While the popular Farmhouse style continues its reign, like everything over time, it has happily evolved. Instead of embracing heavily distressed elements, 2021’s version of this exterior home style has dusted itself off and graduated to the upper class. Modern Farmhouse is simply a more refined, less distressed style with subtle European chateau influences. Whether you prefer rustic or refined, the foundation of this style ultimately begins with a thoughtful and inviting exterior. Choose a lighter-toned vertical siding, then go for drama with a much darker, seamless metal roof. While lighter tones play to the casual comfort of elegant Farmhouse styles, the roof’s deep contrast and standing seam offer a touch of modern, industrial interest.

Create this Style!

Achieving this style is easier than you’d think. Just make sure you’re choosing products that can stand up to extreme weather. Western Products has been installing the Midwest’s most durable seamless steel siding and metal roofing for over 70 years. We offer three different profile options for vertical seamless steel siding, which we measure and cut to the exact specifications of your home. Our seamless metal roofing is also custom cut and available in four profiles. What’s more, an upgrade like this can quickly increase your home’s value, especially since our metal roofs are built to last up to 50 years!

7. Transformed Traditional

transformed traditional home with tan horizontal and gray vertical seamless steel siding, and white trim

While Traditional is not the most talked about exterior style, it’s by far the most prevalent. In fact, it’s the style we see transformed most often. From older ramblers or ranch homes to bi-levels, we envision these homes as a beautiful, blank slate. Change your window placement or size, mix and match coordinating siding colors and roofing, modernize your trim and doors, or simply add stone accents. To create your own distinct exterior home style in 2021, all you need is a little imagination and a Western Products exterior expert to help guide the way!

Create this Style!

Western Products’ selection of United States Seamless siding has a lot to offer in terms of robust durability and total protection. To redesign your Traditional home, choose from a variety of siding profiles, either horizontal or vertical, then choose your color, texture, and unique accessories. Beyond siding, our team can walk you through an array of options to enhance or totally transform your exterior. Our collections include stone siding, metal roofing, gutters, new doors, and replacement windows. If you’d like to be more conservative with your updates, we’ll help you scale it down. We will work with you to figure out your priorities and present options that are within your budget. We can achieve virtually any style you dream up within the Traditional mold.

Define Your Style!

At Western Products you’ll find our steel siding, panels, stone, windows, and roofing come in a plethora of colors and textures. To simplify the process, our experts will help determine your preferences, and find your unique style. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation, either in-person or virtual. We’d love to help make your home renovation dreams come true in 2021 with one of these exterior home styles!

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