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Painted Cabinet Facts Smart Homeowners Should Know

The customization options of painted cabinets from Western Products are endless—here are some ways you can keep yours looking sparkling new!
navy blue painted cabinets in a bright kitchen with a white island and bar stools

Western Products is proud to offer the services of Crystal Cabinets so that your next kitchen remodel will exceed expectations. Crystal Cabinets makes their products unique for each customer. They provide a plethora of chic wood treatments, including the uber-popular painted cabinet style.

The benefits of painted cabinets in your kitchen can be huge. For example, you can make them perfectly match your color scheme. Choose light or dark hues to either open up the space or make it cozy. Painted cabinets offer many unexpected benefits for your home’s style as well. They give your kitchen a clean, even look that can match minimalist and bold designs alike.

As you plan how you want your cabinets to look for your next remodel, we want to offer some points to consider about what goes into keeping painted cabinets looking sparkling new. Crystal Cabinets writes about this topic in detail, but today we’re going to give you a summary of the most important facts:

Keeping Cabinets Clean

white painted kitchen drawers beneath a counter with a cooktop

Just like any high-quality cabinet, a painted cabinet needs to be cleaned on the regular to keep it looking fresh. Painted cabinets don’t get any dirtier than stained cabinets do. However, because there are no natural wood patterns to conceal minor stains, they may need to be cleaned more often.

Crystal Cabinets has a comprehensive guide for how to clean the specific cabinet type you want, which you can peruse here.

Water’s Effects

elegant bathroom with cream colored cabinets

Crystal Cabinets has some of the highest quality materials and paints in the industry. Unfortunately however, not even they have cracked the code on how to make natural wood products completely waterproof. Spills happen, so we recommend that when they do, you wipe them dry right away to prevent any possible damage.

For tips on how to protect cabinets against routine wear and tear, check out this guide from Crystal Cabinets.

Temperature and Humidity

corner of a modern kitchen featuring red accent cabinets

Nothing can imitate the visual sophistication of natural wood cabinets, but there are some possible drawbacks to know. One is that wood expands and contracts based on environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and quick weather changes. Even with a clean paint finish, wooden cabinets can develop hairline cracks that, while not affecting structural integrity, may be noticeable upon close inspection.

If you would like to better understand this phenomenon, Crystal Cabinets has found an explanation written by experts.

Potential Chipping

blue painted cabinets with a shelf holding various glasses

Lastly, painted cabinets always have the potential of developing small chips and scratches through normal use. Crystal Cabinets says, “If car paint can chip so can cabinet paint.” Thankfully, if any large or unwanted chips occur, Crystal Cabinets offers paint retouching.

You can learn more about this service, and any of the facts covered in this blog, by contacting our team at Western Products. We are always happy to help!

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