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Energy-Efficient Windows: 3 Things You Should Know

Energy-efficient windows benefit the environment and your wallet. Here are 3 things to know about your replacement windows.

It is essential to know that energy-efficient windows are more than the sum of their parts: the frame, window glass, and installation. Poorly performing windows are an energy drain. They can account for a significant percentage of a home’s heat loss in winter and heat gain in the summer. Energy-efficient windows are also excellent at reducing noise pollution. Most homeowners report that the muting of exterior noise is improved by 60%-75% when they installed a window with insulated glass in their homes. Low-e coatings on windows also help dramatically reduce sun damage to your furniture, carpets, and even personal items like photos and artwork. If you are considering a home improvement project that calls for replacement windows or new windows for a home addition, here are three things to know.

1. Framing Material

Your window’s material matters. There are essential characteristics of sustainable windows. Heat and cold can penetrate your window frame, so the less conductive the material is, the more money you will save. As seasons change, so will your windows by growing or shrinking in the temperature extremes. A product that requires maintenance is not an ideal long-term solution. Having a window frame that continues to perform year after year also reduces landfill waste thanks to a long product life cycle.

Thankfully, Renewal by Andersen constructs window frames with durable Fibrex® material. This composite material offers superior insulation and strength, never needs painting, and will not rot, decay, or mold. It can also handle more extreme temperature swings without expanding and contracting as much as other materials.

2. Window Glass

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the glass in a window. There are several features to consider before purchasing energy-efficient windows: the number of panes, coatings, ENERGY STAR® certification, argon insulation, and additional protection from the sun. Renewal by Andersen’s windows with Enhanced Triple Pane Glass are an excellent option for energy efficiency, having been named one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR® certified products of 2021. They offer an extra pane of glass without the bulk for better insulation, as well as the option to use SmartSun™ glass for improved heat and UV filtering.

3. Professional Installation

Maximize your investment by hiring professional installers for your windows. They are one of the most critical pieces of sustainability and energy efficiency for your home. Installation errors that can cost you include:

  • Flashing incorrectly cut
  • The wrong sealant used
  • Space between the window and rough opening is not insulated
  • Window is not custom-made to fit your home

All of these mistakes can be avoided when you choose Western Products for your window replacement project. Our certified installers have the experience to complete your installation properly and professionally. We offer one of the strongest warranties in the business. Finally, our installers treat every home like it’s their own. This means you can rest assured that we are giving you the highest quality service available.

Efficient Windows Mean Great Savings

Replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient ones from Western Products will not only make your home look great, but also cut your monthly energy costs. We engineer our windows at Renewal by Andersen for superior performance. We achieve this with insulated frames and thermal glass packages. Because of this, we create a barrier that sharply reduces energy loss. That means you’ll stay warm all winter and cooler during the summer’s heat and humidity.

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