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Make Cleaning Your Windows a Breeze

These instructional tips, tricks and videos will make cleaning your Renewal by Andersen windows from Western Products a breeze!

The Renewal by Andersen windows that Western Products offers are engineered to hold up against typical window wear and tear. They also require almost no maintenance from homeowners. All you need to do is give your windows an occasional dust and wash-down to keep them sparkling like new.

Today, we’re going show how to best maneuver Renewal by Andersen’s double-hung, casement and gliding windows for easy cleaning. Plus, make sure to read until the end to learn some hacks for getting smudge-free window panes every time.

Double-hung Windows

Our double-hung windows are designed to be easy to clean on both sides after just a few steps. Once you’ve learned how to move the panes into the right positions, cleaning your Renewal by Anderson windows is a breeze.

This video explains the short process with picture demonstrations:

Casement Windows

You can clean the casement windows that we offer on both sides by simply opening the window fully.

This video shows how to remove bug screens and grills you may have so you can get the job done:

Gliding Windows

You can clean our gliding windows from inside your home by sliding them to the right place and removing the panes fully.

This video explains how to remove your panes without hassle:

Tips and Tricks

  • The softer the cloth, the clearer the windows. Using a soft and lint-free cloth leaves your windows cleaner than paper towels or newspaper (which can potentially ink-stain frames).
  • Mild cleaning solutions—like soapy water, diluted vinegar or liquid window cleaner—remove grime without damaging your windows if they feature HeatLock Technology. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning solutions (ex: cerium oxide, Soft Scrub, and toothpaste) on HeatLock-treated windows, as it will permanently damage the glass coating.
  • Soft rags and mild cleaning solutions are also the most effective way of keeping your Fibrex frames, sashes and grilles spotless.
  • You can prevent residue from glass cleaners by applying them during times of indirect sunlight and in temperatures of 40-85° F.
  • Handheld vacuums and vacuum hoses are the perfect tools for cleaning dust and debris from hard-to-reach window tracks and sills.
  • Insect screens are easier to clean than you think; a damp rag does the trick. The screens can even be removed if necessary.
  • Use dry lubricants, NOT wet lubricants, on moving parts. Dry lubricants do not collect dirt and corrosive particles that can damage your windows.
  • If you live in an extremely humid or damp environment, ask about Renewal by Andersen’s window and patio door hardware that are designed specifically to resist corrosion.

If you keep these videos and tips in mind, the rest is easy. You’ll be enjoying bright sunshine and crystal-clear views through your Renewal by Andersen windows in no time!

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