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Be the Boss of Your Blinds

With blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas, you can keep your furniture, floors, wall art and more protected from sun damage in style.

At Western Products, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond with products that offer strong, innovative features. This is especially true with our UV-ray filtering blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas. With Hunter Douglas, you can keep your furniture, floors, wall art and more protected from sun damage in style.

Here are three fantastic blind options, courtesy of Hunter Douglas, that will help you keep all the benefits of natural lighting with none of the downsides.

1. Designer Screen Shades

Firstly, a good blackout shade can protect your home from sun damage and keep it cool in the summer. Hunter Douglas offers some of the best blackout shades in the business. Their Designer Screen Shades effectively dim harsh sunlight, while still letting you see and enjoy your window’s view.

2. Honeycomb Cellular Shades

If you want more out of your blinds than just UV protection, Honeycomb cellular shades will not disappoint. These shades offer light control and energy efficiency. According to Hunter Douglas, “their specially engineered honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets.” This design promotes proper insulation, which can “help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.”

3. Silhouette Window Shadings

Finally, you can achieve solid UV protection while still enjoying natural light with Silhouette Window Shadings. Even though they are a sheer shade, their fabric panel coating blocks over 80% of UV rays!

To learn more about these shades and other Hunter Douglas products, feel free to check out their article about UV protection here. Stay shaded in style with Western Products!

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