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Crystal Cabinets: Hickory Finishes


Western Products Offers Beautiful Designs with Crystal Cabinet’s High-Quality Hickory Finishes!

Crystal Cabinet’s hickory is not only durable and affordable but its finishes are also beautiful. You’ll find an array of finishes and a wide range of natural tones that bring rustic character home. With colors that range from shades of dark brown to shades of white, the design options are endless!

Top Hickory Finishes

The most popular hickory in Crystal Cabinet’s line embraces its extreme color variation. In fact, you might see everything from tinges of white to brown sapwood and reddish heartwood. Naturally, this wood showcases knots, knot holes, burls, swirls, color streaks, and light mineral stains. Rustic hickory is very similar in color but will have more of these characteristics with knots being solid, cracked, open, or through.

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes
Summer Wheat

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

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