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Crystal Cabinet’s Cherry Finishes

Crystal Cabinet Cherry Finishes in kitchen

Crystal Cabinet Works & Western Products Offer Beautiful Cherry Cabinetry in a Variety of Finishes!

Thanks to its satin-like texture, uniform color, and straight grain, Cherry wood is a favorite among homeowners and woodworkers. Not only does it hold stain extremely well, but it’s also durable without being too dense. Undeniably, Crystal Cabinets’ cherry wood finishes are built for beauty!

Top Cherry Finishes

Cherry will vary in color from rich red to reddish-brown and even whitish-green on sapwood. Like many wood species, it is very susceptible to mellowing, as well as darkening with exposure to natural and bright light. In fact, direct sunlight will cause cherry wood to redden significantly. Expect to find brown pith flecks, mineral streaking, small gum pockets, and also sapwood. Rustic cherry is similar in color but will exhibit knots that may be solid, cracked, open, or through. It is also common to see burl grain, ray flecking, small gum pockets, tiger stripes, traces of sapwood, and wormholes.

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes
Riverwood with Black Highlight

Crystal Cabinets Finishes
Pebble with Brown Highlight

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

Crystal Cabinets Finishes

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