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Crystal Cabinet Works: Alder Finishes

Western Products Offers Beautiful Crystal Cabinet Alder Finishes to Complement Any Style! 

In recent years, Crystal’s alder cabinets have gained popularity, not only for their uniform texture and finishes, but also for the wood’s cost efficiency and sustainable growth. Interestingly, it is a relation to birch and is nearly white when first cut. However, after air exposure, it quickly changes to resemble a light brown with a yellow, peach, or reddish tinge. Knotty alder is similar, but is popular for exhibiting split knots and open knots. Both are competitively priced and easy to work with when using various staining and cabinetry techniques. Crystal currently offers over 30 variations of knotty and premium alder.

Crystal’s Knotty & Premium Alder

natural with brown highlight alder finish
Natural with
Brown Highlight

pebble with brown highlight
Pebble with
Brown Highlight

summer wheat with brown highlight alder finish
Summer Wheat with Brown Highlight

toasted rye alder finish
Toasted Rye


woodland alder finish

Color Disclaimer: Due to the many configurations of monitors and browsers, images of the Crystal Cabinet alder finishes and colors will look different on different monitors. What you see on your screen will not be an exact match to the actual product. Please visit the Western Products showroom on 45th Street in Fargo, ND, for physical samples and displays.

Signature Paints & Stains

Crystal Cabinet Works take great care applying their paints and stains for a rich, smooth, and durable finish. These exclusive finishes have been developed and perfected over many years. As a result, Crystal has achieved a luxurious, furniture-quality finish you can see and feel. The line currently offers 13 Signature stains, as well as eight Signature paint colors. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Crystal can easily match any brand of paint color or work with nearly any requested stain.

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