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Customer Service Week 2017

We’re celebrating #CustomerServiceWeek by shining the spotlight on our employees at #TeamWesternProducts!


Amanda created a new form and procedure that have been extremely well received and will lead to more satisfied customers.   Amanda is constantly working to improve the “Customer Experience”, while making things easier and more efficient for all of us at Western Products.



Adam recently had a tenant who had been having issues with their hot water heater. Adam worked with our maintenance department and hired electricians to determine what exactly the issue was. They all worked together and were able to get the water heater repaired in a timely matter. The tenants were very happy with how fast Adam responded to their maintenance request. No one wants to be without hot water! Thanks, Adam, for helping keep all of our tenants happy!



Elaine was coordinating an install with a customer who was currently in Texas. The customer ended up changing plans and switched the date they would be back in North Dakota. Elaine remained flexible and was able to adjust the install schedule to accommodate the customer. All the while, she was in constant contact with the customer to keep them updated, which they were very thankful for!  



Due to Bill Tweten’s great customer service throughout the project, a customer took the time to reach out to Bill after the project was complete and stated: “Our experience with you and your company was excellent. I feel I was derelict in saying thank you! The project was perfect as a result of your good work.”


Jeremy & Bradan

A past customer contacted us, complimenting us on Jeremy and Bradan’s work from the beginning of a sale all the way through install, with multiple people helping along the way. Way to go Jeremy & Bradan!

“Wanted to send kudos to Jeremy on the windows/sliding glass door install and his attention to the fact that we were doing our own staining and sealing of the windows. He placed paper backing  behind the trim, which made our job of staining and sealing so much easier, especially for the prep work required! He also did a great job on the casing and trim for one of our difficult windows in the basement. His attention to detail is commendable! Thanks Jeremy! Also want to recognize Bradan, our Sales Rep, for his follow through, from beginning of the quote process to the install. We had, and continue to have, open communication with him on the project as a whole. He was hands-on with making sure the install went well on both the windows and siding.”



Ray had a past customer call in wondering about a service item they had reported. With our new service ticket software, Ray was able to quickly look up the service ticket, and giver her a status update! He was able to put her mind at ease and give her the ticket number to reference in case she needed to call back after the repair. Great job, Ray, for taking the initiative to help this customer get what she needed, as well as plan ahead and give her the ticket number in case she needed to call back in the future!


Kayley and Janet:

Kayley recently worked with Janet at Homecrest to get a Facebook follower’s questions about their product answered. Together, they were able to address the customer’s inquiry and get some cool photos back in the process! Way to go Kayley and Janet!


Elaine and Kurt:

Late in the day on Friday, Elaine was told she could schedule a job in St. Cloud, MN the following Tuesday. She took the information home with her that weekend and called multiple customers to see what would fit into the schedule. After talking with one particular customer and figuring out their requirements, she and Kurt were able to get the job done in the time frame that was needed. The customer was so appreciative. Big thanks to Elaine and Kurt for being flexible in order to keep our customers happy!

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