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Beautify Your Home with the Best Window Style

By choosing a window style that complements the look and needs of your home, you can take its interior and exterior design to the next level!

Making sure you pick the best window style for your home might not seem like a big deal. But, having windows that complement the look and needs of your space can take both your interior and exterior style to the next level.

That’s why we offer a wealth of different window types from Renewal by Andersen. We provide seven different window styles that all have their own unique benefits. And, they all come in a variety of trim colors and grille designs!

Today, we’re going to walk you through each of these seven styles and let you know what situations each works best in.

With this information, we hope choosing your next replacement window is a breeze!


Awning windows have a design that’s versatile. They fit into homes of many different styles from traditional, to modern and beyond.

Part of this versatility comes from the array of practical benefits they offer. Adding an awning window is a quick way to increase ventilation in your home while still protecting it from rain and harsh winds when open. Even more than that, awning windows are easy to open (even in locations that require a reach, like over a counter or sink) because of their hand crank mechanism.

Bay & Bow

There’s no better way to make your home feel bigger, brighter and more beautiful than with a bay or bow window. These types of windows maximize room space by angling outward and forming a gentle curve across each panel.

Bay and bow windows are the perfect addition to your home if you want to achieve a grand, aristocratic or vintage look. The curve of these windows especially enhances traditional house styles for a cohesive exterior aesthetic, while providing open views from the interior. Bay and bow windows also add a ledge of space inside to transform into a window seat, reading nook or extra shelf.

Bay windows have three sides and can be installed in four different curve arrangements. The bay style is ideal if you want a ledge that extends further out. Bow windows, on the other hand, provide a gentler curve and a longer ledge with up to six panes.


Renewal by Andersen’s casement windows are our most energy-efficient and easy to open. Much like the awning style, casement windows use a hand crank to swing open. This makes them ideal for locations that require a reach, like over a counter or sink.

Casement windows also have a lot of visual appeal, as they don’t need to have any additional sashes (unlike double hung windows) that may obstruct your view.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are a classic style that is ideal for giving your home ample ventilation. This window type has two window sashes that can open in tandem. Another major benefit of double hung windows is that the panes can be tilted inward for easy cleaning.


Picture windows can turn an entire wall of your home into a living piece of art. The magic of a picture window is that it frames beautiful landscapes and views, showcasing the scenery surrounding your home.

A good picture window placement can become the statement piece of your space. And, with our strong Fibrex® material framing and quality construction, our large-opening picture windows are the best choice for lasting beauty, durability and energy efficiency.

Sliding & Gliding

Sliding windows, also referred to as gliding windows, offer the maximum glass area of any operable window. If you want the benefits of ventilation with the clean visual appeal of a picture-style window, this design is the way to go.

Sliding windows are also a smart solution when a different opening style might interfere with walkways, patios or decks. Both sides of our sliding windows open on smooth, easy-to-maintain tracks and lift out easily so that you can clean both sides of the glass from inside your home.


Renewal by Andersen and Western Products understand that no two homes are alike. That’s why we offer specialty windows that will give your home the unique flair it deserves.

Specialty windows are designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic. We offer them in over a dozen different shapes with a wide range of size and grille options. Often combined or joined to another operable window, this window style can add a distinctive touch to the look of your home.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing Renewal by Andersen for your next window replacement, feel free to visit our Western Products page here. We’ll make your home improvement fantasies into realities!

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