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5 Telltale Signs You Need New Siding

If you notice these signs on your next siding inspection, prioritize siding replacement as your next home improvement project.

Many homeowners wouldn’t put siding replacement on top of their home improvement projects list. That said, siding is part of a complete insulation system that includes your roof, your windows, and your doors. If one part is compromised, your home’s insulation system as a whole wouldn’t be as effective. If you notice these signs on your next siding inspection, prioritize siding replacement as your next home improvement project.

  1. Cracks and gaps. Having a few small cracks here and there isn’t a big problem, as these can be repaired quickly at a relatively small cost. However, if you see cracks and gaps all over, you will need a full-on replacement of your siding in Fargo, ND. Cracks serve as an entry point for moisture, which could lead to water penetrating your walls. And if enough moisture penetrates, it could lead to…
  2. Visible rot. Signs of rot are more obvious if untreated wood is used as siding. Localized rot can be locally treated if spotted early on. But if it’s all over the place, it’s another reason to get full-scale replacement. If you want to keep the wooden look, make sure you’re getting specially-treated wood shakes. Some manufacturers offer seamless steel siding in Bismarck, ND, with wood-like finishes, such as United States Seamless’ Mountain Cedar® steel siding.
  3. Dry rot. Take a short but firm tool like a screwdriver and tap on the siding. If pieces fall out, it’s a sign of dry rot.
  4. Paint problems. Peeling, bubbling, or crumbling are signs of moisture trapped under the paint layer. Scraping and repainting could do the job if this is the first time, but if you find yourself having to repaint every two or three years, this means your siding couldn’t hold on to the paint (or stain, as the case may be) and has to be replaced. The moisture trapped under the paint could also encourage mold and mildew growth. Seamless steel siding in St Cloud, MN, has a proven track record of needing virtually no maintenance.
  5. High energy bills. We did mention that your siding is part of your home’s insulation system. If your siding is not helping with proper insulation, your HVAC system will need to compensate for the heat absorbed by your home during hot days, and leaked during cold days.
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