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3 Ways to Get Your Roofing Done Faster

Your roof is one of the most important investments in your home and protects you from the elements, but every roof needs to be replaced sooner or later.

Your roof is one of the most important investments in your home and protects you from the elements, but every roof needs to be replaced sooner or later.

Signs your roof needs to be replaced include:
• Leakage in the attic
• Peeling of interior and/or exterior paint
• Stains or mold growth on indoor ceilings and walls
• Damaged shingles and excessive shingle residue in gutters

When you are faced with the various options for replacing or repairing your roof, it’s best to weigh your options for getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Installing a new roof may be the single biggest investment a homeowner can make. There are three options and approaches for replacing your roof faster.

1. Fast – Replace the Roof Yourself

Your first option is to replace your roof yourself. One of the benefits of choosing this method is that you can start your project right away and schedule the work during times that are most convenient for you and the people helping with your project.

However, there are several safety hazards for homeowners redoing their roof by themselves. First, homeowners typically don’t have proper safety equipment like sturdy ladders, a personal fall arrest system or a way to implement working safely at greater heights.

Professional roofing contractors, like Western Products, train craftsmen in safety measures for any work done above six feet. Equipment is inspected on a daily basis and ladders are set up at a proper angle before they are tied off. Additional safety measures like the guard rail system and use of a shingle elevator ensure that replacement of the homeowner’s roof goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

If you do decide to replace your roof yourself, there are a couple things to keep in mind before you begin your project.

  • Make sure you understand how to properly handle and install roofing materials, provide a safe working environment and follow any mandatory building regulations.
  • Protect your plants and anything in your yard below.
  • Rent a nail gun if you don’t already own one. This will make the process much easier!

When you install new roofing, you’ll need to assemble a team (since installing a roof isn’t a job for one person) and remove your old roofing before you begin. Do-it-yourself roofing takes a lot of time and effort. Your experience, your team size, the size of your roof and how much existing roofing you need to tear off should factor into this decision. Keep in mind: your roof shouldn’t be unprotected for long stretches of time, so you should plan for at LEAST three uninterrupted days to work on this project. If scheduling this uninterrupted time is difficult or you have decided not to do all the work yourself, consider one of these two options.

2. Faster – Do the Tear-Off Yourself and Hire a Contractor to Install

If doing the actual installation of your roofing on your own seems like a daunting task, it may be better to hire a professional to help after you’ve torn off your old shingles. Remember, if you decide to do the tear-down of your old roof, it is vital to have the right tools, safety equipment and the knowledge on how to properly use them.

When you’re hiring a roofing contractor, check with the Better Business Bureau to verify a roofing contractor’s credentials and verify how long the contractor has been in business. Western Products is a part of the Better Business Bureau and employs factory trained roofing installers who will safely and efficiently repair or replace a roof.

3. Fastest – Hire a Roofing Contractor to Replace Your Roofing

Your best and fastest option is to choose a professional roofing contractor to replace or repair your roof. With quality craftsmanship and available warranties, roofing contractors like Western Products can make the process smooth and simple for any homeowner. Whether you choose metal, asphalt or another roofing option, Western Products professionals will help you through the entire process and all details of your roof replacement.

3 Reasons Western Products is a Great Roofing Contractor:

1. Quality Craftsmanship
The quality of our roofing is second to none.
Western Products only offers the highest quality roofing products that are tested to last and endure harsh weather conditions. You will get the best type, style and color of roofing for your home that fits your home’s architectural style when you work with a Western Products professional.

2. Unparalleled Customer Service and Warranties
After improving homes for over 60 years, we firmly believe that your home improvement experience should be the best possible experience for you. Your roof replacement will be handled by a certified installer and we will clean up around your home after the job is complete. From our home improvement products to our labor warranties, we’ll go to any lengths to make sure you are satisfied with our work!

3. Full-Service Home Improvement
Do you have more than one home improvement project on your plate? We can help! Western Products is a complete exterior home improvement company with the highest quality roofing, siding and windows products. Let our certified professionals help you with any aspects of your home and curb appeal and fit your home’s architectural style.

Let Us Help!

Our home improvement experts are committed to helping turn your home renovation dreams into realities! Stop by one of our showroom locations in either Fargo or Bismarck, or give us a call at (800) 743-3632 to set up a free in-home consultation or a virtual consultation. We can talk to you no matter where you are through our virtual consultation service.

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Comments (21)

Tearing off the old roof seems like hard work, but I might try it to save on money. We’ve noticed a lot of curled shingles on our roof, so we definitely need it replaced soon. Our home is pretty old, and I think it’s needed it for a while. I’ll let the pros do the actual hard part, though.

One thing to consider if you need to have a new roof installed is your region’s weather. This can influence the timeline for how quickly you need your roofing services to be completed. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a temperate rain forest. Having a professional company to quickly install your roof or take care of repairs can ensure that you don’t have extensive water damage. I’ll keep your tips in mind when I buy my first home.

I think I like your third description best. It would make it a lot easier if you just hired the whole project out to a roofing contractor. That way you don’t have to risk your safety on the roof trying to make repairs.

This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that by doing the roof yourself, you can start whenever and adjust for your schedule. My roof suffered some damage in a recent storm, so I need to do some repairs. There are some expected rainstorms coming up, so I think it will be best to do this project myself, so we can be ready before it hits. Thanks for the great post!

Thanks, Kyle! We’re glad you found it useful!

I like your second tip about tearing off the roof and then hiring a contractor to install. It seems like that would help cut the cost, but also give needed professional help to get the job done well. I also like your advice about having the right tools when tearing off your roof. Being informed and prepared is always the best option.

My husband and I have been putting off our roof repair for a while now. Every time it gets a little windy outside, a few more of the shingle blow off into our yard. I’m not sure that we have the tools or the skills to handle the job ourselves, so I might just hire a contractor. Like you pointed out, it will also be the quickest option.

I like the idea of removing the old roof myself. I think this could teach me more about the roof, while saving me money. The quality of the installation wouldn’t be sacrificed as well, due to the professional contractor installing it. Thanks for the tips!

That you for your insight on how to quickly repair your roof. Specifically, you talk about how if you tear off the old roof yourself and then hire a contractor this will help make the whole process go a lot quicker, and I can see why because you’re not reliant on the contractor’s time table to get everything done. That being said, I think that this could save you money, too, because you’re not having to pay as much money in labor fees. I will definitely consider doing this for my own roof replacement. Thank you for sharing!

I think that it is an interesting idea to tear it off yourself and let the professionals to the installation. Unfortunately, a contractor is always going to be able to do a better job than you at putting on the roof. The roof is also a really big part of the visual effect of your home. You cannot really afford to take that job on yourself, but the tear off requires a lot less experience and you can’t really make a big mistake. I know that I won’t be able to do it as fast, but I might be able to save some money this way.

I have redone my roof and others on my own, and while it is not fun or extremely safe, it was great to work and accomplish something on my own. We got it done pretty quickly and had a good time while doing it.

Working on a roof yourself can be hard work. Sometimes I don’t have the time or equipment to get the job done. When I hire a roofing company I would like to know if they are licensed and have the credit of people who have used them in the past.

I didn’t know that lots of shingle residue and debris in the gutters means my roof might need to be replaced. This last summer, we had a lot of rain, and I just figured that was why I was seeing more of those little black pieces of shingle debris coming down the drain pipes. I’ll definitely have to get someone out to look at the roof itself and see if we are going to have to replace it before the winter storms start!

Thanks for your post. Redoing my whole roof is a daunting task, and I think it would take me at least a week. I do think hiring a contractor to do everything would be fastest. However, I have helped tear of shingles before and it is easy enough that I can do it. It may not be the fastest way, but it makes me feel better about the job.

I am not a fan off replacing my roof roof myself. However, my teenage son and his friends love helping to remove the old shingles. Since I already have the safety equipment, I let them remove the old roof of the house for me. It was a great way to save a little money and let the kids have fun in the process. Hopefully, they were able to learn a few new skills along the way as well.

I am in the process of replacing my roof right now, and I want to get it done before it starts snowing. That being said, I really liked you tip on trying to replace it all myself. I can definitely see how that would speed up the whole process, and I’d save a little money too. Thanks a ton for sharing this with me. I’ll make sure I jump on doing this right away.

I have been hoping to get my roof redone before it starts snowing. Your suggestion to get it done by a roofing contractor is really great, because it sounds like they can get it done quickly. I would really like to get this process started soon, but while I am looking for a good roofing company, I will also start looking at roofing materials. You mention asphalt roofs, and I haven’t heard much about those. It would probably be good to do some research on it to learn more about how good it is! Thanks for the great post.

Quick question, do you think it would be best to replace the roof myself or have someone do it for me? I have done it once before but it was a long time ago. I’d not want to risk falling off the roof since I’m a bit rusty. Even though hiring a contractor to do the whole thing is the fastest, I think I’ll remove the old roof myself and have them put the new one on.

With winter already on top of us, I’ve been thinking a lot about my roof. Towards the end of winter last year my family and I began to notice a few leaks in our ceiling. I’m hoping to avoid dealing with that again this year! I would replace the roof myself, but it’s the slowest option, like you said. I think that I’m going to hire a roofing contractor instead, because it’s the fastest way to get my roof in shape for winter. What do you think I should look for in a good roofing contractor? Thanks for the help!

Doing the tear off seems fun and a good way to save on costs. What’s the best safety equipment to have? I’m sure I have all the tools already for the actually tear down. I just want to be sure I don’t get hurt when I do it. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I’m not sure I would be confident enough to say that replacing my roof myself would be faster. If I could get it done in twice the time of the professionals that would be surprising. Definitely not fast. Thanks for the advice!

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