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Mountain Cedar®: The Cedar Siding That is Tough as Steel

Mountain Cedar® Seamless Steel siding maintains a constant “like-new” appearance and is maintenance-free.

Natural cedar siding requires staining every few years to keep it in pristine shape, and will eventually crack and split over time.

Mountain Cedar® Seamless Steel siding, on the other hand, maintains a constant “like-new” appearance and is maintenance-free. In fact, all you need to do is rinse it with a hose and you’re all set. Western Products is proud to be the siding company in Bismarck, ND, that has been installing United States Seamless steel siding for over 20 years.

Their Features

Many homeowners want siding in Sioux Falls, SD, that has the natural beauty of real cedar and the strength of steel. Mountain Cedar is designed to combine the best of both worlds into a precisely-engineered design: it can withstand the effects of inclement weather that would have damaged and discolored traditional cedar in just a few years. Homeowners no longer have to choose between vinyl-clad siding for durability or traditional cedar siding for looks.

Mountain Cedar has undergone rigorous accelerated weather testing, and has proven to retain its authentic cedar finish years beyond traditional cedar siding in St Cloud, MN. The weather testing is designed to gauge resistance against hail and extreme temperatures, and Mountain Cedar passed all tests without rotting, splitting cracking, fading or deteriorating.

The Coating

Its exceptional strength can be credited to an exclusive coating process developed by United States Seamless. This unique paint process is fortified with an exclusive ceramic hybrid paint finish enhanced with DuPont™ Teflon® surface protector. This protective layer creates an exterior finish that’s tough, stain resistant, and easy-to-clean with extraordinary longevity.

Mountain Cedar’s finish is further enhanced by Cool Paint Technology™, a technology developed for NASA’s space shuttle program that uses infrared reflective pigments in the paint to help improve your home’s energy efficiency – less heat is absorbed from the outside through the walls and into your home. All of these technologies combined make Mountain Cedar a true long-term investment.

All United States Seamless siding products are backed by limited lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects, hail, excessive fading or chalking. Together, these ensure that your home will feature a beautiful, maintenance free cedar exterior for many years.

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