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Common Replacement Window & Patio Door Questions

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Find answers to common questions about replacement windows and patio doors from Western Products and Renewal by Andersen® .

How to reduce condensation on your windows.
Almost every homeowner in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota has most likely experienced window condensation at some point. Condensation occurs when warm, humid air combines with a cool surface, like window glass. More often than not, homeowners will see condensation appear on the inside of their windows during the winter months and outside their windows on summer nights. Learn more on how to reduce condensation on your windows here.

What is the difference between an insert and full frame window replacement?
There are many factors to take into consideration when replacing windows and the biggest decision is choosing between an insert and full frame replacement.

An insert replacement does not disturb the interior millwork or exterior siding, as the instillation involves placing a new window inside the existing frame. The insert replacement is the less costly option and is useful when wanting to conserve your interior millwork. There are two potential issues that you should consider when deciding on insert over full frame replacement.  First, since the insert will fit inside the existing frame, the glass area is reduced and the new window will be smaller than the old one. Second, the existing frame stays in this type of instillation and if it was not properly insulated and air sealed originally, regardless of how efficient the new insert window is, any existing deficiencies between the window frame and house framing will remain.

New windows should be as efficient as possible, and if your existing frame is not efficient, the only way to ensure optimum effectiveness is by choosing a full frame replacement. In a full frame replacement, the entire window frame and sash are removed in order to install the new window. This allows installers to inspect the framework around the window for rot, mold and other issues. Full frame replacements are typically slightly more expensive than insert replacements, but most homeowners find them to be a better investment in the long-run.

At Western Products, we install both insert and full frame replacements. No matter your needs, the windows we provide are always custom sized and manufactured just for your home.

What are my options for patio doors?
A patio door is a fashionable addition to any home and can be personalized in many different ways. However, there are only two base styles of patio doors: sliding and hinged.

Like with windows, styles of patio doors are defined based on their operational functions. The sliding patio door is generally less costly and has the classic look of the patio doors that many of us grew up with.  Sliding patio doors also save on space, as they eliminate the need for doors to swing outward and inward like hinged patio doors have to.  For colder climates, like that of the Upper Midwest, hinged doors can be difficult to manage in the winter due to large accumulations of snow, which can block them and rendered them inoperable. Purchasing a sliding patio door gets rid of this problem. However, this is not to say that hinged patio doors don’t have any benefits.

Security has always been a concern when discussing patio doors and to address this, multi-point locking mechanisms have been developed for hinged doors.  For hinged doors, the three point locking system allows for greater security, along with assisting in the realignment of the door whenever it is locked.

A common misconception about patio door styles is that the “French door”, is a third style of door all to its own.  This is incorrect.  Instead, while sliding and hinged patio door styles are defined by the way they function, the term “French door” refers to the way a door panel looks.  Luckily, if you are a fan of the appearance of French doors, you can purchase them in the styles of patio doors offered by Western Products.

Western Products is committed to helping you find a patio door that works for your home, so if you have an entrance to your patio that is bigger than the typical width of 9ft to 10ft, we will install a three-panel system to take care of the gap.  This third panel would be a “fixed” or stationary panel that would be attached to the side of either a sliding or hinged style patio door.

Why is there a price difference between window manufacturers?
Each manufacture has their own process for creating windows. Everything from which types of materials are used, to how the window is manufactured, to even what warranty associated with the product has an effect on price. When purchasing any item, but especially windows and doors, there is a big difference between “cost” and “value”.

Knowing which materials were used in the manufacturing process will help you understand the quality of the window.  Some materials perform better in hot climates and others in cold climates, while the best windows perform equally well in both.  Considering the ups and downs of Upper-Midwestern climate, your best option is a quality window that performs equally well in all temperatures.

Thankfully, the windows that Western Products offers are all made from quality materials that are guaranteed to deliver energy efficiency and comfort, regardless of if the weather’s 100 degrees above or 30 degrees below zero. Add to that our premium window warranties, you can be confident that when you choose Western Products to assist you with your window needs, you have chosen quality and dependability.

Increasing Returns on Your Home Investment
One of the major concerns homeowners bring up when focusing on home improvement is: “What will be my return on investment (ROI) if I invest more money into my home?” While it is next to impossible to give someone an exact ROI, there are definitely some home improvement projects that offer high returns.

Many homeowners overlook the biggest and most easily achievable ROI opportunity: curb appeal. You can add value quickly just by adding or updating an “eye catching” design to the exterior of a home. Also, when you make a feature increase the curb appeal of your home, it often increases the physical value as well.

Nowhere is this more clear than with the two biggest ROI increasing projects: roofing and windows. For those of you who have been out “house hunting”, you know that one of the first questions to ask about a prospective home is how old the roof and windows are. These two items are essential for increasing the value of your home.

In the instance of selling your home, an old roof that looks shabby will devalue your home in the eyes of a potential buyer.

At Western Products, we offer asphalt shingles, metal and specialty roofing. These different roofing options all have unique factors, and our roofing experts can help you determine which style, size and shape is the right choice for your home.

Further, windows that aren’t efficient and don’t look good on your home will decrease its appeal to a potential buyer as well. To create value in your home, you have to make sure that your windows aren’t just newer, but are also high quality. To fulfill your ROI-increasing window needs, Western Products offers Renewal by Andersen as our primary window line; one of the most efficient, well-constructed, and best warranted window brands in the market. With all of our windows, there is a 20-year warranty offered on the glass, a 10-year warranty offered on the frame and hardware and a 2-year warranty offered on the installation.

Investing in roofing and windows that add curb appeal and come from the high-quality brands that Western Products offers will be certain to create fantastic ROI for your home.

What is the difference between window styles?
Although there are many varieties of windows, there are six fundamental styles.  All six styles are offered at Western Products by high-quality brands and each style has distinct benefits.

First, the picture window is a fixed panel unit. This window is non-operational and used for viewing purposes only. Next, the most common window in homes is the casement window, which cranks open outward.  If you want to combine the view of the picture window with the function of the casement window, then the awing window is the perfect choice. Awning windows maximize viewing, but also crank outwards to allow airflow.  Another type of window is the “hung” kind, which comes in two styles of single hung and double hung. Single hung windows open from the bottom, meaning that only one sash is fully operational.  Double hung windows look the same as a single hung window, but they can open on the top and bottom, meaning that both sashes are fully operational. This type of window can also come with an “easy clean” feature that allows the window panels to fold in and allow for trouble-free washing. The last style is the glider window, which lets the window to open by sliding its panes to the side.

No matter what benefits you want from the windows you install in your home, Western Products provides every window style type to meet and exceed your needs!

Why is there such a lead time on windows?
At Western Products, we pride ourselves in providing custom and unique solutions for your home improvement projects and our custom-made Renewal by Andersen windows contribute to this criterion.

Unlike general windows, which are readily available, custom-made windows require a lead time in order to be produced. Custom-made windows don’t come in typical “stock” sizes, but are rather designed to fit your existing window openings. This fit ensures a tight and weatherproof seal, allowing for a more energy efficient window.

On all of our windows, we offer a premium window warranty. Because of this, when you choose Western Products to assist you with your window needs, you can be confident that you have chosen quality and dependability.

Can I get replacement parts for my Renewal by Andersen windows?
Over time, breakage is bound to happen on any window. So, when any element of your Renewal by Andersen window is no longer performing as intended, contact us and we will readily order you a new part.

If you know which part needs to be replaced, but are unsure of your window model, check for the barcode sticker with identification information that every window has. Simply take a picture of the barcode and we will be able to identify the window and order correlating parts. However, if you do not know which part needs to be replaced, a visit from one of our service technicians may be required.

Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with any information you may require and put you in contact with one of our service technicians. At Western Products, we are always happy to help you with any of your Renewal by Andersen window replacement part needs!

Can I just get the glass replaced on my Renewal by Andersen windows?
At Western Products, we strive to provide you with the highest quality service in home improvement, so you can fully enjoy the comfort of your home.

While glass replacement may seem like less work, this route of action may actually make your window less efficient. This is because general glass replacement may result in an increased probability of seal failure. In contrast, when the window is replaced, you are guaranteed a high quality factory seal.

We offer an extensive line of window styles, so no matter what you desire, Western Products can make it happen.

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